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President & Director

Vice President & Director

Dr. Feldman is an Orthopedic Surgeon, who for over two decades has been at the forefront in the treatment of complex orthopedic disorders. After over twenty years at New York University as Professor of Pediatric Orthopedics and Chief of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Feldman is currently the Associate Director and leads the Spinal Deformity and Hip Preservation Centers at the Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.  He is a true lover of the arts, an avid supporter of young artists, and a collector of contemporary arts. Having a deeper understanding of historical influences on contemporary art has guided David and Jennifer in culminating a significant collection. The formation of this not-for-profit is the realization of David’s deep-seated desire to support young and under-realized artists.

Mrs. Herman Feldman is the President and Founder of MKJ Communications, thepreeminent public communication system integrator in the Tri-State area for the past 16 years – nearly half of her 30-year construction career.  Jennifer believes that a large part of corporate success is giving back and has actively served as the Board Chair for ROC United since 2012, and serves on the board of trustees for the Brooklyn Museum.  With great honor, as a serial entrepreneur,  she privately mentors young women in construction and business-related roles. Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor's of Art from Fordham, focusing on art history and contemporary art.  She continually strives to expand her knowledge in the art world by supporting galleries and artists forgotten over time, who have made a lasting contribution to the development of art and artists.

Adam Altman, of the KABR group. Ridgefield Park, NJ  7/17/17 (Robert Sciarrino | Photography)

Adam Altman

Treasurer & Director

Mr. Altman is an entrepreneur and real estate investor with experience in identifying, buying, and selling real estate. He is a founder and managing member of KABR Group, a private equity real estate fund. KABR Group has completed transactions totaling approximately six million square feet of commercial properties, thousands of residential units, hotels, and ground-up construction. Prior to joining KABR, he focused on real estate for a multi-billion-dollar healthcare company and has worked at Deutsche Bank, portfolio manager/analyst at Chestnut Ridge Capital, and a Founder of 

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William Howard

Clerk & Director

William is a partner at a Florida-based single-family office. He oversees a portfolio of alternative assets including private equity, hedge funds, private credit, real estate, and art. Throughout his career, William has invested in hundreds of private deals across all market sectors. He is an advisor and sits on the board of numerous funds and privately held companies. William owns and plays for the Marjing polo team. In 2015, he received an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business specializing in quantitative finance. He graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.S. in economics in 2010.

Oliver Clegg, Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen


Over 20 years ago Adam Cohen, tireless student and enthusiast of contemporary art, was invited to apprentice under Larry Gagosian. 20 years later, he not only continues at Gagosian as director, but also hosts an art experience all on his own at A Hug From The Art World. 

Adam has executed over 50 exhibitions at Gagosian including: Warhol, di Maria, De Kooning, Twombly, Sugimoto, Uklanski, Picasso, Serra, Rauschenberg, Calder, Monet, Hirst, Gordon, Moore, Frankenthaler,  Piano, Stingel,  Nancy Rubins, Koons, Crewdson, Oehlen, Jenny Saville, Jeff Wall, and Donald Judd.

Courtney Kremers


Courtney Kremers is the Head of Private Sales, Americas, and a Senior Specialist for Post-War and Contemporary Art, based in New York. Formerly a Head of Sale for Contemporary Curated and the Day Sales, Courtney now oversees strategy for private sales across fine art categories and advises major clients on acquisitions and consignments. Mrs. Kremers joined Sotheby’s in 2013, spearheading the rebranding of the mid-season sales, and introducing the Curated concept that fall.  Prior to joining Sotheby’s, Mrs. Kremers worked as the Director for Kim Heirston Art Advisory, as well as for the Mugrabi Art Collection. She holds a B.A. in Art History from Duke University and a Master’s in Modern Art, Connoisseurship, and the Art Market from Christie’s Education.


Joel Mesler


Mr. Mesler’s paintings shed light on universal themes by filtering them through humor, autobiography, self-deprecation, and surprising compositional juxtapositions. Their wry surrealism and emphasis on words and phrases place Mesler’s paintings in dialogue with the work of artists like Ed Ruscha and Christopher Wool, who engage with language and the relationship between text and image. But Mesler’s concerns are very much his own, and his paintings pose serious questions: How is a self-constituted when it is not consistent from moment to moment? Where does pain end and healing begin? Recent solo exhibitions: David Kordansky Gallery (2021); Harper’s Books, East Hampton, New York (2020). He lives and works in East Hampton, New York

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Rashid Johnson


Mr. Johnson is recognized as one of the major voices of his generation, an artist who composes searing meditations on race and class while establishing an organic formal vocabulary that fuses a variety of sculptural and painterly traditions. Johnson first received critical attention when examples of his work were included in the exhibition "Freestyle," curated by Thelma Golden at the Studio Museum in Harlem in 2001. In addition to photography, Johnson makes audio installations, video, and sculpture, and is known for both his unusual artistic productions and for his process of combining various aspects of science with black history. He studied at Columbia College Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and his work has been exhibited around the world.

Jonathan Prince

Jonathan Prince


For sculptor Jonathan Prince, art is a journey that contemplates science, technology, and an ongoing investigation of spirituality. His works balance both precision and imperfection, congruent with the inevitable dualities found in life. Through stretching the limitations of his materials, Prince finds possibility within vulnerability — beauty in the chaos.

After an extensive career in the medical field, and has spearheaded various companies that greatly advanced the development of internet and media technology, Prince turned to his passion for sculpture once again in 2002. Since then, each work, both in a method of fabrication and precision bear the hallmarks of his multifaceted background, and for over 20 years, art has become the means by which Prince has mediated his understanding of these subjects.