Low section portrait of unrecognizable contemporary artist splattering paint over painting while working on abstract picture in art studio lit by sunlight, copy space

The Long Meadow Art Residency was conceived in 2021 to support artists who create using
diverse mediums, studying a range of disciplines, from different backgrounds, of all ages

EXPERIENCE: A three-month art residency committed to our vision of incorporating wellness. The participant will have access to a thorough medical evaluation, room and board, a state-of-the-art studio, art supplies, a stipend, access to a vehicle, support of an artistic community, and assistance from a diverse professional board.  

This opportunity offers the artist an experience to live in a two-bedroom home with a large, private studio space in an adjoining building, in the stunning Berkshire mountains - a serene and beautiful location to not only explore physically but also creatively.

Mentorship will be provided in a variety of ways, including guidance from artists and gallerists. 

The Berkshires is a mecca of holistic health, yoga, meditation, and self-healing. The house/studio is in a secluded, quiet, beautiful location with an abundance of views, vistas, and fresh air. 

The Berkshires has a thriving, intellectual, and curious community that is eager to receive, engage, and welcome artists. Although this is not a requirement, we would be excited to celebrate any of your accomplishments before, during, or after the residency. 

The residency applicants will be given the hold open houses and a final show and/or photo booklet of work will be determined based on the individual artist.  


  • Fall Residency dates: September 2024-December 2025
  • Winter Residency dates: February 2025-May 2025
  • Fall 2023 & Winter 2024 applications: Open December 15th, 2023
  • Fall 2023 & Winter 2023 application deadline: February 15th, 2024
  • Application fee: No charge


  • Minimum age: 25+
  • Current resident of the United States
  • Valid Driver's License

Selected artists receive:

  • Accommodations and use of a vehicle (see home and studio here)
  • Studio with wifi 
  • Monthly $3K Stipend
  • Reimburse materials up to $2500
  • Support from local artist community
  • Mentorship from a diverse professional board

All applications must include a bio, an artist statement, and 8-10 images and/or videos of work and a note explaining how they expect to benefit professionally and personally from the residency. All documents should be submitted in a PDF that can include links to photos/video or if needed as a zip file to

No word documents please. We may also request a studio visit. 

Our application process will have no regard to race, nationality, religion, sex, gender, or sexual preference. LMAR board will select the applicant based upon a review of their art.

For financial and logistical information, please see the FAQ page.